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Monday, 17 June 2013

The remarkable images that show how scientists are now able to PRINT entire body parts such as ears and noses

Daily Mail: These remarkable images show the groundbreaking advances scientists are making in the field of regenerative medicine, paving the way to print new body parts such as ears and noses. Although experts say it will be some time until they are able to grow entire functioning organs, bioengineers are already able to grow and use new blood vessels in patients. And they are now closer to being able to offer patients replacement ears and noses.Currently, replacement ears are constructed with materials that have an unnatural Styrofoam-like consistency. Alternatively surgeons may sometimes build ears from a patient's harvested rib, but this option is challenging and painful, and the ears rarely look natural or perform well. Now, scientists at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are using 3D printing techniques to manufacture scaffolding for human cells to grow on and create realistic-looking facial features including ears and noses Growing lungs and other whole organs for transplant remains the goal, and scientists claim they are edging more>>>....