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Saturday, 22 June 2013

'The Healing Sanctuary'

"The migrations began not long after our exile. Our culture and beliefs soon became established and our group flourished, living alongside the other race. News began to spread of our healing sanctuary, and souls travelled from far and wide to learn our ways. Our ways were simple. Our ways were in tune with the source. Our natural choice of leader was Mikel. However, he did not take to the task particularly easily. It was not his style. He thus became chief elder and continued practising his mystical arts. The role of leadership and council thus fell to other members of the group more suited to that role. I continued with my healing work, as it had been at the temple isle. I re-established my affirmations and visualisations. The initiates grew in number and I was called upon to become an elder in my own right. I accepted the charge.

We were devoted to healing. We formed a brotherhood vowed to heal and aid and teach. A brotherhood which was prophesied would remain in intact over the coming eons. Most of us, not all, promised the source to remain. To not return to the source after our physical deaths. To remain close to the most physical of vibrations to help mankind in its realisation. To lead mankind to the legacy. To help mankind discover the truth"
--- Extract taken from THE CHRONICLES OF EZRA copyright Matthew James