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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ihwaz - Rune Of Defence

Runemaker: Ihwaz is the symbol of rune magic. Avertive, deflective or defensive power is yours. Patience, perseverance, foresight and protection against unexpected attack. Wisdom in adversity.

The Yew tree has mistakenly been linked with death because of the ancient practice of planting yew hedges around graveyards. Because Ihwaz is rune number 13, that is the origin of the "unlucky thirteen" superstition of Anglo-Saxon culture.

But the real reason the Yew was planted was to keep out unwanted scavenging animals - the evergreen Yew is both poisonous and impenetrable year-round. These Yews - now grown to huge gnarled old trees - are still to be found in many early British churchyards.

Ihwaz should not be feared, because it also means continuity and endurance. The best longbows were always made from yew trees. As well as being strong, long-lasting, and flexible, they contained protective magic. Thus, Ihwaz also represents safety from attack and a weapon of more>>>...