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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Wait There Is More....

This is REALLY convenient. This is more evidence IMO of the "Wrexit Brexit' team creating more for the percetion deception which is going on the UK ever since the Brexit victory. I firmly believe teams of individuals are actually employed to create chaos as part of a campaign to substantiate whatever THEY want to fake ... in order to create falsehoods to justify their infamous PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION management of the human race.

Thus Daily Mail headline is part of the "Wrexit Brexit" perception deception IMO. These signs we no doubt placed, but I feel it was part of the team of black ops individuals employed in a clandestine operation to create a false apparent reaction to Brexit:-

'People are scared': Inside the quiet market town where laminated hate cards landed on the doormats of Polish migrants

BE WARNED: This is Perception deception and there is plenty more of this misinformation to come in the next few months. It will get worse and worse until someone shouts 'something must be done' and then a solution will be provided. What they wanted all along.