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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Runes for the Day

The central Significator rune OTHEL voices security and stability concerns. The advice is considering positive potential at this time because UR is in an upper enclosure position. The recurring fear of the great unknown and how it's going to manifest is represented by THE WYRD in a lower enclosure position.

Past losses and past lessons are emphasised by IS in a left upper tier position and FEOH in a left lower tier position . The past Significator is ANSUR, the rune of learning. The advice is that of learning from the past experiences of loss and losing financials. That which has been lost represents the contrast of that which can be returned at a later date once the lessons are learnt.

The right Significator is TIR, which represents the current future manifestation as it stands now, and that is of learning from the analysis, remaining loyal to a current path and being prepared to make more self-sacrifices to acquire the return of that which was lost. The advice of BEORC and YR indicates being patient will result in a favourable birth … a favourable new beginning.