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Monday, 11 July 2016

Those With The Wrong Intentions Never Change

It was actually really tragic watching them all, especially how first impressions gave a sense of unity to the unsuspecting eyes that walked around and saw their displays. But, under the surface, where the eyes don't see, but where the paranormal senses receive the true impressions, there was a very strong smell of a rotting carcass. A collective consciousness that was anything but unified. A collective energy that was composed of separate little, clicky, units that were in actual fact at war with each other. 

We are talking about an 'industry' which is in a bad sense of disrepair. The general public do not know how dispirited so many are in the current version. It is a terrible experience. Ego has taken over the situation, and it is a real dog eat dog out there. Certain factions have too much control. Too much say over what goes on. Too much power. They cast wild aspersions onto the genuine and the 'real' due to selfish jealousy and a wanton desire for revenge. Revenge because they know the gentle nature of those who can truly 'see and hear' exposes their own charlatan nature. Thus they play school bully and dictate that the genuine are falsely victimised, for being the truth vibration. The public do not know how bad it is ... how truly wicked some of these bullies really are.

There were three key players in a recent event. Black and vengeful. Baleful eyes that looked out at the genuine ones. Their intention was to distract, hijack and sabotage certain faces they did not like, have never liked ... their black minds casting as much venom at these faces as they could. Call them hexes or curses, whatever you wish ... but that venom could be felt in the air. So many commented how negative and black the vibrations were. And for those faces that were on the receiving end of the attacks ... one was able to irritate these three all the more by not being affected by all their efforts to disrupt their work. Indeed ... one is always spurred on by the attention and is humoured by the silly antics of these three. They never learn. They walk further and further away from what they claim. Their egos destroying them more and more ... because they will never be what they claim.