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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Canberra Psychic Medium Matthew James

Matthew James is asleep when he suddenly starts having what feels like a heart attack. He finds himself gasping for air as pain grips his chest. It feels real but it's not.

When the pain subsides, he recognises the feelings belonged to someone who had died and he was experiencing what they went through in the moments of their death.

As a medium and clairvoyant, Mr James says his experience of feelings like this aren't unusual, or even typically as dramatic. He's once had a professional chef inside his head, instructing him on how to make garlic prawns.

'Now what you do is, you take it off the heat and you turn the pan over and you let the garlic continue to cook in the heat, then you take the garlic out, then you put the prawns in,' he recalls the chef telling him.

It's only later that day he discovered the chef was a client's late father, and his signature dish was garlic prawns.

To have some kind of the belief in the paranormal is not that uncommon. Many of us will have seen something we can't quite explain, or know someone who more>>>...