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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Image of the Day

Pied Currawong by Matthew James

Currawong Totem Animal
Currawong energy teaches you to be more aware of when you take advantage of others, and when others take advantage of you.

They are cunning, sneaky birds, adept at manipulation. This can - for some people - be the more 'shadow' aspect of the Currawong, because it's hard to accept that whether we like it or not, there is usually someone we've taken advantage of, or will take advantage of in the future. And it can be difficult to realise that it's also been done to us as well. Currawong energy will bring an element of 'sneaking something away' that doesn't belong to you. It could be energy, it could be taking something away from someone else (like a job - Currawong deliberately challenges the notion of 'abundance'), or it could be as extreme as literal theft. When Currawong energy is active, a certain level of harassment is occurring, this could be coming from you, or coming from someone else