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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Bad Apples On The Tree

The Survivor by Matthew James
It's only going to get worse before it gets better. That is the simple fact of life here. It is the shaking of the apple tree to get rid of the rotten apples. They will fall to the ground, but all the healthy apples must be shaken too. There can be no exceptions. No differentiation, because if there was then the rotten apples would sense a rouse.

Their behaviour is unacceptable. The healthy apples are kept in deliberate isolation as the bad apples breed the deadly virus that is the toxin which flows through their veins. Their ego ignores that poison, hell bent on the thought form disguises it needs to fool the world. The unsightly mask of disease hidden behind the new age paraphernalia they peddle. 

They are all the same. All insane. All the same identity. The same sickly face just different names. The same virus, the same fiend behind their control. 

But once the tree is shaken, they will be lost. And the shaking is already starting. There are dire times ahead and they will get more and more desperate. Only those akin to true spirituality and true intention will survive. For it is all about service to the otherworlds and service to the people. It is not about self identity or self importance. It never was. It never will be ... 

The bad apples are a sickly display on the world tree. The eternal light creates the instruction to shake them free in order to remove the burden that denies the world tree the chance to vibrate at the necessary vibration. The eternal light, ain soph, manifests because it can manifest. And they are standing in the way of progress. Most surely they will fall to the ground ... and their rotting carcasses will degrade ... and become part of the soil that will nurture the roots of the tree. And they will start again at the start. Becoming the seed and then the fruit once more ...

But will they learn that vital lesson? The ego is not the person. The soul is not the person. The person is but the vessel and the expression of the energy it serves. They are not serving the light or the people or the otherworlds. They are serving themselves and that is wrong.