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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nice Attacks, Destroying Evidence at Crime Scene: French Government Orders Destruction of CCTV Video Footage

You know the DRILL. Once again, giant drills and implausible and scripted scenarios are crafted to terrorize the socialized masses – all with the same patterns Orwell’s 1984 demonstrated in regard to a global, stage-managed “war on terror.”

We’re told that 9 people are dead and that the 18 year old German-Iranian shooter committed suicide. So far, no specific ‘terrorist’ or political organization has claimed responsibility for the event and therefore, no motive is being discussed yet – but the media and some political have already crafting a ‘migrant crisis’ narrative for this event.

This Munich Attack, along with other recent events, are strikingly similar to Operation GLADIO and Brabant Massacres in the 1980’s, but with a much more intense and coordinated global media coverage.

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