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Monday, 11 July 2016

Daily Merlin for Week Ending 17th July 2016

The central issue this week is insecurity and instability. Be resolute and determined,do not let any negative perceptions control your thinking. What you think this week will be manifested into your life path in the weeks that follow.

Work situations need to be the focus of attention. As one door firmly closes, what is the new one that opens? There has to be one, but it is not evident. Frustration must not give way to panic. Remain creative and humorous. Do not give way to the demands of the Emperor intellect. Do not let your inner critic rule the roost here.

What has been taken away suddenly can so easily be given back. Be patient and read the signs. Take the only option you have and do not be concerned about any temporary situations.

Remember life is an illusion. Your surroundings will only react to how you are reacting to your surroundings, They are a reflection of what is going on inside of you. Use this mirror this week to assess where you are in you life and what adjustments you need to make - Matthew James