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Friday, 15 July 2016

Time to Face the School Yard Bully

The Magician by Matthew James
Before we pass judgement on anything, anything at all, we must step back and see the situation from our OWN perception, and not the hijacked perception angle that other people want us to see the situation from.

When you step back and look at if from a direction different to what you are being made to look at it from, you see the truth.

So much out there in the world is deliberate deception and intentional distraction. Perception deception in fact. Created to mislead us, and force us to think in a way that goes against our own perceptions. An effect created by way of a problem-reaction-solution framework. Overwhelm us with a deliberate manufactured 'problem' so we react in a way that our thoughts have been wired to do so ... the 'reaction' we are forced to have due to this hijacking ... then we are faced with the 'solution', something we wouldn't have accepted originally if we'd not been subjected to the fake problem.

This is what is clearly going on in the world at this time. A constant falsehood which we must step back from and see for what it really is. 3% of the population trying to have a stranglehold on the other 97% by way of school yard bullying. Enough is enough. We must face up to the pimply nerd who is the school bully and take away his toys.