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Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Thoughtful Person Opens The Door

In being a true friend you become a thoughtful person. As a thoughtful person you become able to meditate — to center in your true self and realize your ideals. Two splendid states of higher consciousness open before you as a result of thoughtful meditations. Each of these states will render you greater value than can ever be estimated. 

These two thrilling stages of awareness are the two major entrances to higher consciousness. You will find it impossible to achieve these two states without being a thoughtful person or a fit companion. These two states have different names in different disciplines but we will call them:

The Good Will Witness, and The Universal Self

The thoughtful person does not strive to overpower or manipulate other people. He values others and considers their lives as important as his own. He considers the needs and rights of others, too. He looks for opportunities to be of service. He loves to console and uplift.

In his personal effort to be more conscious he also strives to help others discover the benefits within them and the possibilities of the days ahead. He becomes incapable of thinking only of himself. He always considers the effects of his actions on other people. He goes through life thinking of the welfare and happiness of others as well as his own.

A very important characteristic of the thoughtful person, then, is good will. Good will is delightfully — and frightfully — essential. It's great fun to have good will but it's "frightful" not to have good will — because you cannot achieve or maintain higher consciousness without it. The significance of good will cannot be overstressed. Higher consciousness itself is an ongoing state of good more>>>...