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Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Return to the Mystery

Because this incredible mystery has raised its head once more, there is a compelling to resume the Daily Merlin's on A Light In The Darkness. This will be an occasional theme on these pages, just to assess the where, what, how and why of the mystery in its current phase.

Using a recent new addition, 'The Arthurian Tarot' ... 

Firstly, the question 'Is Madeleine still alive?' 


Spear 3 answers with 'established strength and intuitive understanding gives and expansive outlook';
Spear 7 answers with 'courageous ability and defence of strongly held beliefs';
Stone 10 answers with 'inheritance, wealth, ancestry and enduring prosperity';
Sword Hallow answers with 'the dispelling of illusions, love of truth & justice, and light in dark places';
Grail Queen answers with 'she impacts the gifts of love to all who encounter her'

 A confusing bunch of images to perfectly illustrate an apparently very confusing situation. The intuitive answer to the question is 'yes, MM is still very much alive'. It still appears that someone is gaining financially by having M in their possession. Their situation is very strong and unlikely to change in the near future. They have her, and are using her in some way to gain wealth. The Grail Queen impresses the meaning of the personality of MM at this time. M is probably unaware she has been abducted, and that there is a major search for her. Naively she lives and is ignorant of her previous life.