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Monday, 10 April 2017

Crystals to make you rich - and mend a heartache... and other amazing claims about 'healing' gemstones

Daily Mail: Although the idea of crystals might conjure up visions of flower-power hippies communing with the universe, these mystical stones are having something of a renaissance — with not a whiff of incense about the 2017 version. In fact, crystals were feted by different cultures for thousands of years before the peace and love generation hijacked them in the Seventies. Greek soldiers would rub crushed haematite over their bodies in preparation for battle, convinced this would make them invincible. Egyptian princesses used crushed lapis lazuli and malachite as eye make-up in the belief it would bring them physical beauty and spiritual insight.

And there is science behind crystals’ enduring popularity. Crystals are a particular form of mineral with a molecular structure that is a fixed, regularly repeating geometric pattern. Because of this, crystals are among the most ordered and stable matter in the universe, remaining the same over millions of years.

The reason why this is important is because like everything on Earth, crystals vibrate at a specific frequency. Their stability means their ability to maintain this frequency and transmit energy is used in all sorts of ways, from ensuring watches keep time — thanks to the quartz in them — to helping run computers: the silicon in silicon chips is a crystal, more>>>...