Search A Light In The Darkness

Friday, 14 April 2017

The Shadow of the Light

Traditionally, the trainee spiritualist heads for the light. Wishes to associate only with the light. That which can be seen, that part of the psyche and the training in plain view. That which lies on the surface. But what about the shadow the light casts? What about the shadow itself?

Dare the trainee look below the surface and face the shadow? The shadow self. The hidden part of the psyche? That which is undefined and is mysterious. That which awaits discovery.

We all can be in the light. We can all deal with what is in plain view. But who can be brave enough to dive into the real training? The discoveries to made within the shadow realms of the psyche? That is where the real work is done. Where understanding of self is gained. Where a neophyte is made or is dashed into a thousand pieces. The shadow conceals the true self, whereas the flame/the light can represent the assumed self, or the conforming self. It is not necessarily a representation of the true self. By exploring the shadows the true self can be discovered.