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Saturday, 15 April 2017

They lied then, they lie now.

I call this image 'The Fall'. It is based on an disturbing visions I used to see as a child. I knew even back then the visions were actual 'soul memories' of events that had once taken place on Earth. Throughout my life, like many others, I have been interested in Atlantis and the fables of the lost civilisations. In my teens I was able to link my visions with my own insights into Atlantis. An Atlantis I knew to be very real. An Atlantis not dis-similar to the civilisation we find ourselves in now.

Back then, as now, those in power deceive those of us at the bottom of the power pyramid. They made out then we were the most advanced civilisation that had ever existed on the planet. They say it now. They lied then, they lie now. Like then, they go out of their way to dismiss any claims of older advanced civilisations as total myth. So Atlantis is dismissed as fable. I can remember Atlantis, and the soul memories are so very real.

Back then the destruction of Atlantis was caused, to a certain degree, by the wanton use of thermal-nuclear warfare. The continent of Atlantis had leaders so arrogant, and so insane, they really thought no other nation would stand up to them. They were wrong. The once great continent was obliterated. Today we stand at a similar point. Evidence of these previous nuclear wars are evident everywhere in our landscapes, but those in power have completely rewritten our history to hide those ancient atrocities.

We stand at that point again. Arrogance is being exerted by shadow governments, and they are seemingly intent on playing dangerous games. The vision of the black towering clouds in the sky have been with me all my life. I know that history hides what I know to be true. Atlantis was destroyed in a nuclear war. Lets hope the latest version of Atlantis doesn't suffer the same fate ...