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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Defining Spirit Awareness

SPIRIT AWARENESS is all about remembering about our true selves, our true potential and our true nature. We are not really souls trapped in a human body doomed to failure in a selfish world. We are so much more. We have been made to forget our spiritual ancestry, our spiritual part and the real reasons for existence.
Rediscovering ourselves starts right now. By exploring the hidden depths of our psyche we get to catch a glimpse of our true nature. Our true nature exists outside of this five sensory reality. By activating those senses which are preternatural to us, that are active outside of this limited reality, we can tap into those other parts of ourselves. We do this by entering what is known as an altered state of reality. Continued use of the extra sensory perception, and by comparing your state of mind when using those senses, with how you think within the limited five sense world, will give you an idea of the altered state of consciousness you enter when you use these extra senses. It’s as simple as that!
It takes practice, but it is possible to realise you exist in more than one state of reality simultaneously. Sounds scary, difficult … it is not. It is simple child’s play to reach that point … and that is what must be done to reach this realisation … PLAY with your ESP. We all have ESP and SPIRIT AWARENESS. It’s time to remember that fact.