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Thursday, 6 April 2017

ENERGY UPDATE – Ancient Wounding, Healing – Energy Attacks

in5D: There has been some interesting things going on with dreams lately, clearing the old and there has been some ‘attempts’ of negative energies/entities on the astral/multi-dimensional realms to (try) prevent us from moving forward – but to no avail. As we are ‘breaking through’ again in our new CHANGES as we continue to shine our lights in all we are, first and foremost of our own spiritual growth. Again to no avail, as we trust and stay true to ourselves in faith and trust of the Divine.

This is Ancient wounding that is coming through to be healed as there is more to this for each of us as to ‘blocks’ that we have, that we are needing to ‘break through’ with our CHANGES going on, as there are many. When really, it is us blocking ourselves of old ‘fears’. As many are feeling what has occurred in the past and then also go into the future – back and forth, back and forth, and then the head can ‘kick in’ in the middle. Even if one comes from their heart, please know this is of the old that is surfacing ‘in the middle’ more>>>...