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Monday, 17 April 2017

Reflecting the True Self

Copyright Matthew James
A common theme which has been discussed with clients recently is the startling fact that most of us our living a life of deception and untrue. So many of us are in relationships that are false and meaningless. Even though we are with the right partner, we are not getting the correct nourishment from the relationships we find ourselves in.

Think about it, it is true.

If you are not being true to your self or expressing your true self then every relationship you find yourself in reflects the false self you are being. If you are not true in your relationship to yourself, then every other relationship will reflect this deception. If you are deceiving the outside world by not being your true self, then every resultant interaction will reflect back to you that deception.

That is why most of your relationships with your partner, your family, your work colleagues, whoever you interact with, will be a deception. Simply because in all of those relationships, they will interact with you as a direct response to how you react to them. If you are not being your true self then you are denying them the chance to be their true self with you.

Think about it. It is time to acknowledge your own true self. Time to love your true self. Time to be your true self. And time to let your true self reveal how people are meant to be true to you. Some relationships may turn out for the worse, as it encourages you and others to express the negative emotions to each other. So be it, that is how the relationship is, at least it will be true and not a deception. Other relationships, however, will be permitted to become what they are meant to be ...

It is not easy to be the true self, our society is not geared up for that type of person. But once you become your true self, and express your true self, your life will evolve to one of the true reflection and suddenly you find your place in the world - Matthew James