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Monday, 10 April 2017

'They Have Taken Her'

People are ignorant to the actual value of the 'Shining Star'* ... her genetics are priceless and really worth the 'apparent' wealth expended as part of a groups relentless push for her release. So say 'The Two Old Dears'* who make it known she is still very much alive.

Her worth is immense, in the right hands the medical discovery is amazing. Let us pray she can be released before she reaches an age that her genetics can be sent forth into others as special as she.

Remember the words 'they have taken her' ... it is suggested that those who have her are known to they who seek her release. The age of 17 is when it is said she will be returned.

The wealth spent in gaining her release is worth the scorn generated by the media smokescreen. Why all the money spent on this one particular missing child? Because she is born to a special genetic line ...

*refer to Daily Merlin posts to understand these terms.