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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Magic Journey #3

The third and final destination was not planned when I set out this morning. In truth I never knew it existed until I saw it on the hill in front of me as I passed through the village of Brough. I refer to the Norman Castle ruins known as Brough Castle.

Very impressive and to my surprise very psychically active!

The journey to the castle from the car park took around 10 minutes, and I was presented with awesome views of the ruins almost immediately. It was only when I passed under the ruined archway and into the courtyard surround by the perimeter walls that things turned to the paranormal!

I started walking across the courtyard and my head became filled with the clairaudient sounds of a bloody battle raging all around me. Men's cries in a language I couldn't grasp. The screams of women and children. It actually chilled me to the bones! Only because it was totally unexpected. I reached the remains of the keep (Pictured to the left) and read the history board that was placed there. I froze ... the castle had been besieged by The Scots in the 12th century .... it was no doubt the sounds of battle which filled my mind! The only thing I can't explain is the fact there were some voices that were shouting in a tongue that sounded very Arabic! I know Arabic fairly well because I lived and worked in the Middle East for a time back in 2006. What I can't explain is why I heard men's voice speaking Arabic in what appears to be a 12th century struggle between Norman conquerers and marauding Scots.

The remainder of the exploration went without a hitch and my unplanned visit to Brough Castle ended. I then had a 2.5 hour journey back home!