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Monday, 2 July 2018

A Really Bad Habit

"There's no teacher above me" says the 'teacher' who can't even explain how mediumship works! So sayeth the voice of the uncontrolled ego in other words.

Very irresponsible, very dangerous and a desperate situation when you have naive and gullible people believing those words, who really don't know what's going on.

And the one that said these words is a very foolish individual for believing that they are a the top of the pile when it comes to teaching. It goes back to the 'the car mechanic has to know the insides and outsides of the car and its components in order to teach it to his students. Its no different with the mechanisms of mediumship. So how can a so called psychic teacher say they are at the top of the pile as a teacher when they themselves do not know how it works?

Its a shocker. Its really no surprise though, because the ego has clearly been totally in control for a while now. This latest claim just about sums it up for this person, and so many of the other self confessed psychic teachers who do not know what they are dealing with; and are seriously only students themselves. The problem is true teachers are few and far between. There is a whole host of bad practices being taught ... and it will not change until these bad habits are stopped. This so called teacher is an example of a very bad habit! Uncontrollable ego talking!!