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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Next-gen contact lenses designed to be “wearable holograms”

Natural News: In the near future, contact lens might become self-powered wearable tools that can diagnose your health based on your tears. That is because U.K. researchers have found a way to print nanostructure “holograms” on their surface that turns the lenses into “smart” electronics, an article from Nano Werks states.

Human tears contain biomarkers that provide data on eye diseases and disorders. Smart contact lenses that can analyze these biomarkers can serve as a cheaper, faster, and less intrusive alternative to taking blood samples for chemical analysis.

Koreans scientists recently demonstrated a contact lens sensor that is able to diagnose glaucoma in its wearer. A different version is designed to detect serum glucose, allowing diabetics to keep an eye on the amount of sugar in their blood without having to prick their fingers for blood glucose more>>>...