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Monday, 23 July 2018

Human Hamsters Running Round On A Wheel?

If this existence really is a time loop, as certain theorists believe ... then we could be back at this point we are at, in say another 15,000 years from now, and we'll more than likely be unaware of that having happened.

Just like we might be where we were 15,000 years ago, right now and not remember....

It would mean our spirit's memories are wiped clean of all the previous rounds, and we are deceived into thinking this is the first time we've ever been here ... like this existence claims.

If it was true ... how can we know for sure? And how do we stop it happening again? And again?

And if that is the truth ... why is there a time loop? Why are being made to experience the same things over and over again? Perhaps the program is such that we are meant to do things differently, somehow, so there can be a different outcome. Perhaps the one, that whoever is the hidden hand, wants us to create. What then? Will we be freed? Or are we doomed to be the human hamsters running around and around on its wheel?

It's something crazy think about. I could have created this blog in this time, in this place, many times before. And each time I think its new. Could that explain the cliched deja vu' ... the feeling you done something before ...? Could it be that somehow the memory erasure is not as complete as it is meant to be ... and a previous round on the wheel is remembered just for a split second?

Could that explain many of the experiences known as reincarnation? Someone remembering a previous round on the wheel? Or are we exactly the same each time we come round on the wheel? Are the lives we lead identical ... is it all played out the same?

I guess we will never really know for sure. And when we do, can we get back into the loop to tell the tale?