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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Read Your Own Signpost

We all harbour hope and fears; individual signposts to our inner workings. But we are all literally too busy surviving in this crazy world, to actually stop and read those signposts. Sadly, this life has been designed this way. Most of us are little more than cogs in the wheels or hamsters on the turning wheels.

Surely our appearance into conscious awareness amounts to more than these desperate life paths? Most of us spend more time with work colleagues, and travelling to work and back, than we do with family and undertaking what we really feel is important? Most get in from work, have their evening meal, and its time to go back to sleep .... to waken the next day to begin the process all over again.

Very few really do the job we want to do. Most sit out the working day because we are in debt to the society that demands we live this way.

Meanwhile, the signposts that say who and what we really are, stand there barely noticed. Left to decay and collapse. Its only when we reach our last few years of life on this physical world that we start paying attention to those signposts. By then its too late.

Somehow this whole system has to be made to change. Its unlikely to occur during our lifetimes, and it will only get far worse before it gets better. That's if the warning signs can be heeded and the very few, that control us, can be prevented from succeeding with their end game. If they get to that point then none of this will really matter. They see us as their slaves anyway. They think the majority of mankind is born to serve them. They believe they have the right to permit the insane entities that control them to turn us all into more mindless robots that we already are.... but that is taking place as I write ... as more and more of our freedoms are being taken away from us.

We need to stop! We need to read our personal signposts ... and remember who and what we are inside. We need to realise it is our own creativity and universal consciousness that they are turning against us. They suppress our awareness and our truth .... to turn us from creators to destroyers .... because they are not like us and will never be able to create like we can .....

Those signposts we are forced to ignore are our weapons against these few who are turning our lives into nothing more than treadmills in their end game machine. If enough of us remember, and can overcome their toxic poisoning of our minds and our bodies. then we can stop them ....

Its time to read your own signpost .... and remember what you really are. It is most certainly not the person you experience on a daily basis.