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Monday, 30 July 2018

The Rune Isa

The Rune Isa (Is) literally means 'Ice' and symbolises 'stillness'. It is the period that can be determined as 'waiting for the ice to melt'.

However it takes for that process to symbolically take place; a period of static and no action in a situation, when there is the anticipation of the time something will start to take place.

It can be the rune that signifies an ending; a decision still to be made; indecisiveness prior to decision making.

Isa is also a rune of concentration and willpower; of focus and of nurturing.

"Ice is beautiful and treacherous. It lulls the traveler to sleep with its peace and serenity. Nice locks life under its surface and keeps it motionless. However, there is little else as powerful as the slow moving glacier, which can tear apart even the bedrock as it inches forward. Although ice generally shows itself as it is, with little glamor, there is little so treacherous as a weak spot in the ice that will swallow the unwary with surprising swiftness, and soon enough leave hardly a trace. The hidden part of an iceberg, which represents 90% of its bulk, can remain hidden and gut a ship with little mercy. This is how the ancients saw ice: inimical, even hostile to life." (Rune Secrets)