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Sunday, 22 July 2018

How Can Something Be Created From Nothing?

We've learnt to be careful about forcing our perceptions, and our belief systems, onto you. We don't have that right. Neither does anyone else. For what exists in our version of this thought form reality, might not exist in yours. Or worse, the introduction of our perceptions into your thought form reality might end up heralding catastrophic results. It might bring fragile belief systems crashing down before they are meant to.

As we've mentioned in previous posts, perceptions influence ways of thinking; and ways of thinking are what shape the thought forms that manifest into this reality.

Even that concept may be dangerous information for some. That is the problem. Knowing what to say or not to say that is in conflict to established thought process. Words are energy; they have the ability to make or break perception patterns. But one thing is a fact ... the perceptions that hold together our current realities really do need to change. This world is not the Golden Age it once was.

We thus need to change perceptions to change thoughts to change the form of the world we see around us. It needs to happen quickly, but sadly the collective perceptions are held in a tight delusion; a powerful enchantment that tells the collective it is a one and only biological organism in an existence of which it is aware of less than 1.5% of all that there is. Not only that, it was created by pure chance, and when it dies that is it ... it returns back to the nothing it came from.

We have important questions that needs to be answered here .... 'how can something be created from nothing? How did existence start? What started it? And how was it created from the nothing before it existed?