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Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Rune Ior

Ior can be seen as the Serpent Rune. The world serpent Jormungandr coils around Midgard, marking its borders and serving as a barrier which holds the world together and protects it from outside attack. Ior can be a powerful shielding rune.

Ior can be used to distinguish between that which is and is not yours: this can be very helpful for those who are codependent or who frequently take on responsibilities (and blame) for burdens they need not carry.

Ior can also help you to determine the line between truth and falsehood or any distinction between one thing and another involving the creation of a boundary. Because they are tremendously flexible, snakes mark these divisions with great precision.

Ior can also be a deadly attack rune. The great pythons can constrict with devastating force: the venomous snakes can deliver a painful or fatal bite. Anyone who has seen a serpent strike at its meal knows how fast they can move when quick and decisive action is required. Yet once again Ior moves past boundaries and easy definition: not only can it harm but it can work powerful healing magic. Much as the snake sheds its skin, Ior can help you to slough off disease or chronic conditions....Read More⤘