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Sunday, 29 July 2018

We Are Not Meant To Be Aware

It's more than likely there is an inherent 'psychic' ability in each and every person. That's because we are all part of the same one; products of the some hologram of our true selves.

However, just because the ability is in there, somewhere. doesn't mean its going to be active in all of us. In truth, so few of us actually have in awakened at birth. Neither, can it be developed as readily as the wannabe teachers decree.

It's not meant to be active at all. The traces and strands of its nature are meant to have been totally written out of our DNA. We are not supposed to be aware of our ability to be telepathic or universally aware in any way. The alien geneticists were instructed to leave us without anything that could help us remember our origins. For then we could prove to be a threat.

Somehow, some of us have DNA parts active that permit the telepathy to be there alive. Somehow we are able to get communications back and forth from the upper aeon. Somehow through the power of thoughts in this thought form reality the number of us truly awakened are growing. Somehow. And despite the actions of those who oppose us ... we are not being shut down. Damage has been done to our physical forms. Sodium Fluoride in everything has made our pineal glands work at a lesser rate, But we learn to adapt and have thought resistance to that poison. We survive. We thrive and we keep those connections open wide.