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Monday, 30 July 2018

Are We A Participant Or An Observer?

Here's an interesting question .... 'how many of us actually take ownership of our existence on this manifest plane?'

Who can actually, and truly say, they are completely within their projection onto this earth plane? Who can tell the difference between being merely an observer and being the participant? And what is the difference between the two?

We are all TAUGHT that we are inside our bodies; that we use our five senses to navigate around this world. Which means basically we are the participant, right? Yet, the more scientifically more apt description, might well be that we are witnessing a hologram as a mere observer.

So in the latter case we don't own this existence at all? We are merely a tenant of some kind of simulation ... then if that is the case, do we own the consciousness that is the mere tenanted observer of the avatar that is wandering around the earth plane, that we appear to be? What happens if the observing you ... is yet another projection? That we are observing being observers of this earth plane? How many levels of observation might there be? When do we actually take ownership of our own consciousness? What point might that be?

It's a relevant thought process ... very provoking, and very confusing, for those who still believe we are the participants in this reality. If there is any doubt about the statements here ... why not hook up into a virtual reality city, where you can be a person in that city. Wear the goggles and all the gear and enjoy the ride. See how easily you are fooled into being a character in that virtual city. And that's fairly advanced technology doing that ...

Then think about how real it felt and how close it feels to being a human being outside of that game ... its possible that we are only observers isn't it? Forget what we are taught, let those old perceptions be upgraded to fresh perceptions. Ones that you have added yourself ... that make you think in a different way ....

And then start answering the question 'are we participant or observer?'