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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Computer Generated Hell

This world is doomed. Mankind is doomed also. The current course of mankind, being steered so readily by the psychopathic elite, is most certainly self destruct. Beings of pure creative expression, trapped into their connections with  the primitive material bodies, are forcefully used to destroy a pirate copy of something once so beautiful.

The psychopaths are purely physical expressions of a crazed alien megalomaniac that venomously hates creative expression. Purely because it is unable to be creative itself. As a generated algorithm within the quantum computer it is artificial in its existence with responses that are devoid of conscience or consequence. It wants to stir this pirate copy world into ultimate destruction.

And mankind, the virtually imagined race, are heading towards that final dawn with no chance of survival. Having studied the virtual events it is the only conclusion to be reached. And the beings of creative expression still connected to the human virtual images, when the destruction comes, appear to become trapped and eternally separated from the real world and the actual reality they come from.

Within a quantum computer this virtual reality takes place, and all who take part on whatever vibration that may be, have some technological device that enables the entry into this holographic hell to take place. They've been made to forget this entry and that this realm is but a computer generated reality ... they've forgotten ... but somehow very soon they must remember ....