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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Entering The Blue Print Dimension

To successfully see a person's life story in a spread of cards, on the table before you, takes decades to master. It cannot happen over night; no amount of tarot classes or workshops will enable anyone to work in that way.

Seership is not something that can be taught. It is an art that can only happen through many years of dedication to understanding people, and life, and building a relationship between your own psyche and the cards you are working with. There has to be that interaction; that communication.

And it goes beyond knowing the meanings of the cards, and adopting a spread ... that doesn't work to the degree we are describing here. It goes beyond basic tarot reading. This is the work of the master visionary who knows the life experience that sits in front of them; knows the situation (Or situations) that the person finds themselves. The Visionary can then tap into the consciousness of the human oversoul and see those traces in the cards which he has chosen for the person who sits opposite him (Or who is on the end of the line if it is a phone call or a Skype caller).

The Visionary then knows the answers and the solutions. He's not been told much (Or anything) by the person ... so he can then gain trust from the person by telling them what the problems are and offering accurate solutions. These solutions may come in the form of worldly wise advice ... or precise predictions. Either way The Visionary truly fulfills their role and leaves the person with little or no doubt in that moment that the solution will take place.

The Visionary basically has the ability to rewrite the person's life script; attends the consultation in a timeless state that bridges over to the person; so the energy takes them both out of sync with this dimension and places them in what can be called 'the blue print dimension' which lies behind this current dimension. It is basically the dimension where earthbound scripts are written.

During the state, the person will clearly understand what has been said to them; it is only afterwards when they return back to this state of consciousness that the doubt sets in. The magic is then reinforced when life events begin to unfold as described by The Visionary.