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Friday, 27 July 2018

Dealing With Dangerous Thought Processes

Some days, some weeks, end up being harder than others with dilemmas appearing suddenly out of the woodwork, testing your resolve to the absolute wire.

Often, the inexplicable things generate anger and resentment in us. The flash fire that results in us saying what we will more often than not regret after we've said it. It's best to act and not react ... that's the simple lesson here. Let that flash fire go out and see what remains afterwards. If it still smoulders, then sensible words should be spoken.

As the hours pass, and the mind does its automotive thought process, digesting the details and reasoning with itself, don't let the mind play havoc ... and create dangerous thought patterns. More often than not, situations are not as bad as they appear when the dilemma has occurred. We are all human beings going through the same dilemma assessment processes. Angry words met by angry words doesn't solve anything.

Give something space and time, then organise a civilised debate between the parties. That way a sensible outcome can be carved out of a situation, and lessons can be learnt all round. Its the best approach ... create an open forum where both sides can speak of their issues ... then let the pieces create a shape or pattern ... and go from there.