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Thursday, 28 June 2007

McCanns 'Refuse To See Theorist'

The face of the 'bounty hunter'

The parents of Madeleine McCann have reportedly refused to meet a Spanish investigator who claims he knows who abducted the missing girl. Antonio Toscano flew to Portugal to hand over his evidence to police investigating the four-year-old's disappearance 56 days ago.The journalist alleges the child was abducted by a French sex offender, as part of a Europe-wide paedophile network. After talking to police, he was told Gerry and Kate McCann were not interested in seeing him.He went to meet the girl's parents regardless but was turned away at their rented apartment, reports said.In interview, Mr Toscano said he had learned a paedophile network child provider called "El Frances" was on his way to Portugal before the abduction. Mr Toscano suggested there was too much media coverage of Madeleine at the moment for the alleged abductor to deliver the child "safely". But he insisted: "Madeleine is in Europe. She's alive and well. I'd like to tell the parents that but I haven't been able to get a meeting with them." (Sky News)

Well done Kate & well done Gerry ... if this news item is true. You don't trust this bounty hunter either. His face is transparent ... so easy to 'read'. The insight I felt last night was overwhelming relating to this individual. I sense nothing but misinformation with his claims ... it feels like a weight is lifted from Gerry & Kate's shoulders by not listening to Mr Toscano! I'm only working on instinct myself ... and technically therefore a 'theorist' myself ... but the trail he presents as the direction along which to seek the Shining Star does not match the trail which my 'seeker' now explores . He is providing a real misdirection ... but if he truly believes this information is correct; then he has been deceived by someone who is a master of illusion ... be wary Mr Toscano ... it appears you have failed in your mission. It seems someone will not be happy with you.

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VI Judgement
VIII Magician
10 of Beasts - Opportunity

These images feel very buoyant and positive. Nothing relating to what Mr Toscano claims is related to these images. His claims are unimportant and have no bearing on the case. He may appear a man of adult years ... but basically he is like the child within a man's frame; naive and easily swayed. His path is clearly one opened up most readily by those who weave false trails ... like the parting of the red sea only for the waves to come crashing onto those who follow these leads. Somewhere the Weaver Goddess lurks ready to judge those who believe these words.

They are of minor importance when compared with the presence of the Magician ... his influence is now set to change the tone and the attitude.

Some change of mind comes over those in the fold. Glaciers & ice fields concealing the trail to melt (symbolic only). Clues found within the entrance of a cave or crypt. A letter of scribbled words somewhere. Left in a sacred place like a holy shrine. Clear directions or clear insinuations. This is not a trail which is false. This direction is real. A truest link with France. Not the Frenchman of the theorist's claims ... but an Englishman abroad in a foreign shore ... a man within the locality of that fatal crash. Sees or overhears one who lays bait to a fabulous claim. The wait is most surely nearly over.

A network provides links and names to those who are truly the guilty parties. But know though this leads to busy progress ... this may well be the false trail laid down by higher places as a means to finalise this case. For those who are on high know those on the lower branches who created and devised and undertook ... and those who had the shining star in their care. It can all be revealed with the click of a finger. Now is the time it shall ... because lion has been replaced with unicorn ... and the flaming sword rests now in a new scabbard. It is nearly time ...

Ceremonial crossed swords lie across a circle. The chalice lies at their centre. Raised hands and intentions uttered. Soon ... so soon ... but know these swords are blunt along their edges ... they are for ceremony alone. All is almost fitting into place. Soon eyes will discover the hiding place.