Search A Light In The Darkness

Friday, 14 June 2013


"Great Spirit, protect me, lead me to that magical destination
Permit me to have the voice and the words that others will listen to
Allow me to be your tool there,
Lead your people to the success they deserve, through me
I am your servant, I ask only for a happy life
I ask for fulfilment and an ascension on the wheel
Grant me passage to the star worlds
For there are many souls there I wish to visit
Friends of mine I have not seen for so long
Ever since your impressions touched my spirit and I agreed to this mighty fall
I am your humble servant and I have done all that you ask so far,
I ask now that you grant me this wish in payment for all I have sacrificed for you"

Extract taken from 'Migrating Shaman' written by Matthew James December 2002