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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Things Need to Change

You are born into this existence as YOU with that unique potential bestowed on you by the potent concoction of thoughts generated by your genetic DNA. Added to that you have all the spiritual impressions provided by your higher immortal. So why do you spend your life giving that power away? Why do you let the environment take it from you? Why do you react to what governments and religions and false human laws demand of you? Nothing has the right to deprive you of your freewill. We are all unique aspects of the universal consciousness. We all have the same rights, the same potentials. 

However, in truth it is much harder than it looks. Once you descend into this material plane you are very much on your own. Surrounded by strangers. Brought up by strangers. Each and everyone living their own version of this world. Each one reacting to the stimuli that is in their life. Each one of us spirit in a physical form trying its best to survive in an alien world. Coming to terms with the shock of birth, each in their own way. Some more suited to survival than others. Many geared up to viewing success on this world by the amount of illusory money they make in their life; other judging their success by how much wisdom they acquire in their lives. Everyone one of us with different criteria in our lives; so few of us stopping to appreciate we all judge each other by our own perceptions. We rarely imagine what it is like to be in someone elses's shoes before we become judgemental.

We all need to stop and think. We all need to become united as one light on this sad world. We need to realise we all one big thing in common in this life - we are all prisoners trapped in a mortal existence. Our lives are fuelled by the energies of assumption. Nothing in this life is certainty. We live by the creation and manifestation of thought forms. Things work because we have thought long enough that they do so things happen in a certain way. When we collectively think differently things manifest differently. We need to think collectively differently because this world has to change.