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Monday, 31 October 2016

Song That Inspired Me #12

Prior to hearing this particular song my interest in Genesis had been a couple of turns of 'And Then There Were Three' on the turntable;  an interest in The Knife from Trespass and an occasional listen to 'Wind and Wuthering'. I hadn't been a big fan of Genesis.

I first heard Turn It On Again on Top Of The Pops when it had just been released as a single. The next day I bought the single, by the end of the weekend I was a re-established fan of Genesis. I remember playing the song through my headphones via my Walkman in the English Lakes that weekend where I was staying. I remember a friend commenting if I'd heard the new Genesis song. I immediately let them knew I had it on my latest compilation tape and loved it. This moment has remained as a memory I associate with this inspiring song.