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Friday, 21 October 2016

Blind Folly

What I don't get about some factions of the human race is the endless search for superior and more advanced entities that are OUT THERE, somewhere. The countless droves of pilgrims seeking the supposed spiritual guidance from advanced races and ascended beings. So many claiming to be in daily contact with these non-human beings; supposedly receiving guidance on human experiences every day. 

Wait, wait ... let me rewind. Human beings supposedly communicating with beings that have NEVER been human beings, that have never lived on the earth plane? They are basing their perceptions and their decisions on unproven connections with beings that cannot possibly know what its like to be a human being! Come on, get real! That is crazy! That is sheer craziness. Firstly these beings are unproven as truly existing. The mind can do wonderful things and make you think crazy things. Giving yourself away to external sources is dangerous. It is almost delusional. 

On the other hand, if these beings do exist; and I am of the belief these countless people are dealing with astral entities ... then these people are dealing with something they don't know anything about! The mind can be easily fooled if you want to readily believe something. These astral forces, these mind manipulators have never been human, they WANT to be human. They CRAVE a HUMAN existence and a human form. They connect with these countless pilgrims, in my opinion, to learn what it is like to be human. They have a hidden agenda and that is not to serve those they apparently connect with.

They are not what they seem to be. They are not more advanced spiritually than human beings. We are created from a consciousness which is at the top of the pile. We represent a powerful essence of a consciousness that exists far away from this dimension. These beings may well appear top of the pile in this universe, but that is in this low level vibration. Remember, we are connected to a human skin that is made from this five sensory reality. It is not who we are. What we are is what these non-human entities wish to be. They are trying to escape this dimension and be as we are.

But we are way beyond them spiritually and it is factions of these lower vibrations that have us captured, are experimenting with us to discover what SOUL or SPIRIT is. They are deceiving us with this apparent existence. All the answers we seek are within us, not out there with these mind manipulators ... everything we need to know about human existence and human issues lies within us. We do not need these mind manipulators playing god's messengers with us. Their role in our spiritual lives is to lead us away from our true existence, towards an agenda that suits their requirements, not ours - Matthew James