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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Are You Feeling An Emotional Low?

If you are faced with an untimely low ebb of emotions at this time; having hit the bottom of the casket of vitality. Know you are likely to not be on your own. It is not a cataclysmic set of events that you can claim to be yours, and yours alone. There are many, many others experiencing this tide of depressing thoughts at this time. And depressing is the perfect word to describe this state of mind. 

Having been on a 90% a few months ago, it is sad to feel this all time record 10% low. The question you would have been asking yourself was 'how'? And 'why'? And no doubt 'why me'? Being in a separated universe to everyone else, like all the human race, you would have thought this feeling was being felt by you and you alone. Let me into a little secret I've been feeling it too and many other people I've been interacting with in recent weeks. Life appears to have come to a distinct standstill for so many at this time. It is inexplicable and distinctly unexplainable. It appears to be something in the air, or in the water, or in the food. It is a mind set that so many have slipped into, but a mind set so few can get out of. 

But what is it? Is it valid evidence of a conspiracy theory? Are THEY dumbing us down and suppressing us with these deadly emotions? Some of us will be feeling suicidal with this emotional low right now. Many of us can't shake off this depressing feeling of doom and gloom. It has been caused by something significant for so many people to suddenly thinking in the same negative way. It is not something to be dismissed lightly. The consequences and future effects are what need to be considered. Are they going to continue? Will they ever end? Is this the way we are going to feel from now? Is it going to get only worse? Will we ever get to feel 90% again? Can we climb back up to those wonderfully energetic levels? Or is that effervescent experience now gone forever?

Its like this is a different world to how it was 12-15 months ago. So much appears to have been lost. It has crept up on us when we weren't looking and struck us down. Gradually lowering our resistance to depression. Bringing these shit feelings onto us like it is how we are supposed to feel. Understand what I mean? 

It sounds crazy but it is like we are being forced into a long dark night of the soul enmasse. Like it is now programmed into our DNA. It seems to be those who are sensitive and empathetic who are feeling it the most. Like an enchantment that has taken over our thought processes. An enchantment that sadly has control of our lives at the moment - Matthew James 

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Anonymous said...

Helpful post. I thought I was going mad.This gives perspective.