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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Songs That Inspired Me #9

My first taste of what who was to become one of my most inspiring rock singers began with a compilation vinyl I obtained in 1981. I can't even remember where I bought the vinyl record from. But I do remember how fantastic it was. The vinyl record was 'Deepest Purple - the very best of Deep Purple'. I was well familiar with Mk II Deep Purple classics like 'Smoke On The Water', 'Strange Kind Of A Woman'. 'Speed King' etc. Each one of these could be an inspiring song in their own rights. But it was the later Deep Purple tracks that were my real inspiration.

I have chosen BURN as the song here. But it could so equally be Stormbringer. These two tracks introduced me to the incredible vocal talent which is David Coverdale. I still listen to the David Coverdale/Glenn Hughes/Tommy Bolin era tracks and love then. I can still get the same excitement from Burn as I did when I first heard it ....