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Monday, 24 October 2016

An Enchantment Of Despair on the eve of the great war ...

So many sensitive souls are feeling, as an individual, an enchantment which appears to have attached itself to the collective. Its intention to create despair and a feeling of hopelessness. If you are feeling like this right now, know you do not feel it on your own. 

It is not just happening to you. It has not been sparked by anything that has occurred in your life. You've done nothing wrong. It is something that will pass. It is overcome by you being mentally strong. Look around you, instinctively talk to other around you feeling the same. It appears like it is something in the air. Or in the water. Or in the food. Or hotwired through the DNA. 

Somewhere out there in the invisible broadcasting net a frequency has been set to broadcast. Perhaps an experiment in LMF control. We will never know for sure. But something is happening, significant, for us all to feel the same despair AT THE SAME TIME. Our minds and our bodies are processing a feeling of utter negative depression right now. All of us at the same time. It makes sense that 'they' are tampering with our minds and our DNA. Tampering with the way we feel and the way we act. 

What would be their intention you ask? They do it because they can and they know what it will do. For these tampering signals will be known to them. For it will have been done before perhaps on a smaller scale. But we talk about the beginning of a world war. We, the goyim, must be suppressed and subdued. Must be lulled into a certain state of mind. This is what is going on. This is nearly midnight. Two minutes to midnight has been passed, and it is now a critical time.

Now we've identified the cause of the doom and gloom. We need to identify the source. Everyone, has a mobile phone or a digital TV or lives close by to a mobile phone tower. We all live within an invisible network of LMF energy lines.  The network has been built around us, there in plain sight for many years. They have planned and planned down to the minutest detail this operation. They are fearful of our awakening and our awareness of what is really going on. It is time, they say, to suppress and dumb down the goyim.

This will pass when you realise you are consciousness and what they attack is the intellectual brain and mind. You are stronger than the part they attack. Overcome this attack by realising your true self, by suppressing the ego and the false self.