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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hidden Agenda

Why do we have to look outside of ourselves for guidance? Why do we have to seek external sources for wisdom and inspiration? Why deal with entities that have never had human experiences, so can't possibly know about the pathways through mortal life?

Why entrust your spiritual nature to beings that are masters at mind control and mental deception? It is not proven they really exist. They are a myth and a fable. But so many people have been captivated by the glamour and the romance of these legendary beings. Foolhardy souls place their entire life plan and life choices on unproven connections with these dangerous 'allies'. That is blind folly. That is a precarious game plan.

We have all the answers we seek within ourselves. Within the memories of our collective species. It is our spiritual reliance on unknown and invisible forces that has put us in the mess we are in. We need to simply our existence, not complicate it. There are major forces out there beyond our limited perceptions that can walk rings around us. That could make us believe anything. They will know we are naive and gullible. We are doubting of our own nature and our own judgements. Thus anything that is remotely divine or supernatural that connects with us, as an apparent ally ... will be accepted with open arms. What is the hidden agenda? Why is this non-human agency wanting to help so readily? What are the consequences when the true intentions are revealed? I fear for the sanity of those who so readily buy the bullshit that is filling their heads when they make these supposed supernatural contracts with an unknown being. They will after all never let you see them as they really are, only how you wish them to appear - Matthew James