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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Light of Truth Oracle Review: "Rebirth"

The REBIRTH card, is of the PERSONALITY suit, and indicates that after a period of sweat and toil, your life is no longer the same as it was. It seems to be all worth it in the end. So, if this appears not to be the happy ever after, it is still a vast improvement on where you were before. Consider yourself re-born. A second chance is presented provided you learn from your experiences that are now behind you. This is an important phase in your life.

The magical glyph affirmation states “Step out now into the world you have created. See with new perceptions the reality you now have to explore.

The Rebirth card is equivalent to the 6 of Swords in the tarot. The 6 of Swords indicates a period of your life has arrived where you can move away from the stresses and strains that have been experienced in the recent past. This generally indicates these difficulties have been overcome on the higher levels of consciousness, and you are now in the process of discovering a new sense of being here on the earth plane. This is the rebirth described by this card. 

Taken from The Light Of Truth Oracle card meanings