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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Black Swan Medicine

[Wildspeak]: While some animals will emphasis the ability to love more than one partner at once (like Fairy Wren), the black swan places an emphasis on the healing capacity of monogamy and equality within a partnership between two people. Like swans, we live in a world where monogamy is accepted, but swan encourages us to take it one step further and look at why and how it helps us as a way of life and living.

Black swan, like all swans, teaches us how to protect our loved ones. Everyone has instincts within them to love and protect who they love, even if we all have different ways of showing it. The ability to protect those we care for is a gift and an ability, black swan emphasises it.

Sometimes people challenge us, sometimes they annoy us, but sometimes they are just a source of enjoyment and companionship. Black swan helps us to just relax and enjoy the company of those we consider friends, or partner, or family. It's not always about pushing yourself further, or progress, sometimes it's about stopping for a while to savour some happiness and tenderness. If you have ever seen a swan preen another swan, you will know how easily these birds have access to tenderness and care. Black swan helps us to learn how to be close to others, and how to enjoy the more>>>...

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