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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Songs That Inspired Me #7

I remember listening to the "Friday Night Rock" Show on BBC Radio 1, it would have been in the early 1980's. Tommy Vance introduced a new track by German Rockers, The Scorpions, a rock band I'd not heard of prior to that particular evening's radio show.

The track was "Make It Real".

I would always record a selection of songs on tape from each episode of the Friday Night Rock Show. "Make It Real"became a firm favourite track of mine ever since that first hearing. It inspired me to 'get into' the Scorpions and Animal Magnetism was the first album I ever purchased by The Scorpions. Here we are over 30 years later, I have every Scorpions album and I have seen The Scorpions live in concert, and I still enjoy listening to Make It Real and all the other incredible tracks to this day.

It was "Make It Real" that introduced me to this mighty rock band.