Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 31 October 2016

Crazy Waves

There is a strange vibration in the aethers at this time. A madness on the air waves that is clearly affecting the unwary. A malaise that matches a hidden agenda; the chosen few fully conversant with the intention and the outcome. A menace set free in the minds of mankind. A wanton virus of the psychopathic type with the intention of creating as much chaos as it can silently. 

We talk of L.E.M.F signals put out on the airwaves. Intentional energies of sound designed to mind control areas of the populace; forcing them to act out strange reactions; their sub-conscious peppered with a craziness it merely acts upon. The conscious mind naive and unprepared; manifesting the behaviour programmed into the individual by those crazy waves.

 It was on the air this evening, like a bad smell, a threatening presence there on the periphery of the conscious mind. For those who know it is there, a sense of negative presence; a watcher out of the corner of their eye. For those unsuspecting who have no awareness, it will strike with no warning. 

There was evidence this night of strange behaviour. Craziness on the road, and by the shore line. Irrational behaviour perhaps sparked by those low electromagnetic frequencies in the air. Beamed into their minds by the cunning to disrupt life patterns; to sway the perceptions of the collective to think and act in a different way.