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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Remember, You Are Powerful

What a crazy world we live in ... this has been said so many times before, and will no doubt be said again, and again, and again. With so many different viewpoints, differing opinions and perceptions how can any of us make any headway? Why is it so easy to rule mankind by way of this crazy and chaotic state of confusion which the world is in? 

It is because we allow it to be this way.

We all forget that we all live in a unique version of the material world. We have all been separated from each other. We may interact with each other, but it is from afar. It is in a distorted and delusional way. Our unique aspects of universal consciousness are never permitted to merge and embrace each other. When we do embrace it is courtesy of a limited five sensory experience that the human skin around our divine spark permits us to have. It is extremely rare for any of us to truly experience the merging of consciousness with consciousness.

This crazy world is most definitely a prison of controlled limited experiences. We are controlled by a energy force that is extremely scared of us and has to keep us all separated from each other in order to keep us under its enslavement. It has to poison the human skins, and constantly watch us 24/7 to see what we are up to. It is very insecure. It has devised religion and politics and money and laws to control us. It has created fears and insecurities to limit our perceptions. 

It can barely contain us. It is therefore not that powerful. We make it powerful by thinking it is powerful. We give it power by thinking ourselves inferior and helpless. It feeds this feeling of helplessness by feeding us lies about our origins and our capabilities. We can turn this on its head by changing the way we view ourselves. Each one of us may be a separate version of the world, but in each one of us everyone else exists. We are in a holographic reality in which only ONE entity exists. We are all that one entity. We are its multiple personalities all interacting with each other. Each personality thinks it is unique and separate from all the others. That is what an entity has us believe. But that entity has been deceiving us. It is time to connect with all the other parts within ourselves to make our way back to the one. Once back as the one this nightmare must come to an end.

This other one ... this predatory entity that feeds off our fear and deceives us about our true nature has one powerful weapon in its arsenal and that is the false ego - the selfish separate self. The false ego is groomed from an early age and we are fooled by the surroundings into thinking this is who we are. It is not who we are. It is the false identity given to us within this virtual world. This memory world. It is not who we are. It is a fake. It is a sham. 

It is time to forget all that you are told to be, and to remember who are meant to be. By remembering your true self ... you become powerful. You become a threat to the predatory entity ... it is afraid of you remembering who and what you really are.