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Monday, 31 October 2016

Martian Anomalies

Each of these images have been obtained from Google Mars in 2012 or earlier. They are now priceless as the regions of Mars where these images were captured from have since been made 'off limits' to visitors of Mars on Google Earth. Its a confirmation in some way that there really is something to hide on Mars.

Each image is a negative of the photographs released by NASA that made up the Martian 'map' on Google Mars. Look clearly with an open mind and see for yourself there is clearly 'something there'. These are not just 'natural formations' as NASA would have us believe. There is evidence here of intelligent life, technology, buildings ... all of which is not on Mars according to the popular story.

It is clearly not the true story .... or else someone would not have gone to such great lengths to disguise the real terrain of Mars; then go to the extra deception of pixellating the surface post 2014.