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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Guides part 1

Often portrayed as the 'necessary' new age fashion accessories, these guys are just about the most exaggerated and most fantasied aspect of 'psychic mediumship' and 'spiritual development'.

These 'essential' aspects of the contrived industry have somehow eluded me in all of my 30+ year history of mediumship and clairvoyance. Yet I've had no problem whatsoever making connections with the other worlds.

And its not because 'they have just been around me and I've not been aware of them'. The fact has been I've never had an illusory third party to use as an excuse; or have to rely on to establish connections with 'the other side'. It's always been ME that's done these things. It's always been me that has talked directly to 'the guests at my table' so to speak. I've never bought into the 'illusion' of guides. 

The thought that each and every one of us has at least 12 guides around us at any one time. That is according to popular new age myth, is very disturbing to say the least. There are 7.4 billion people on the planet. Multiply that by a factor of at least 12 and that is apparently how many spiritual guides there are around us. Get real. 

Guides are, in my opinion, a figment of an over active imagination. Created by those who invented the new age movement to be a divide and rule constraint. I've never had a guide and never needed a guide. I work perfectly fine the way I do without ever needing a third party assistance. I've sat in development circles to meet with my guides. I was the only one in the groups who didn't have tales of wonderful beings coming to visit me. I was sad at first. I felt left out. I felt neglected and ignored. Then I realised what it was all about. Now I am so glad to be the black sheep in this respect. I can take full responsibility for my actions and reactions in a spiritual sense . You only need the concept of guides when you cannot fully accept it is yourself and you are alone in your universe. Guides are like comfort food, and a normality that you must have one if you are in the psychic industry. In the last three decades I have come across countless people who have admitted to making up their guide malarkey because they didn't want to be the oddball in the group. Seriously! ---  Matthew James